Manufacturing capabilities

Manufacturing capabilities including:

Metal center

We keep up stocks of high-alloy special steels, castings, forgings for scheduled and urgent work.

Blank (preparation) section:

  • metal cutting saws of a diameter of up to 650 mm
  • plasma cutting machine with overall table dimensions of 2000×6000 mm
  • tube bends
  • rollmills

Mechanical area

  • lathes with a processing a diameter of up to 1000 mm and a length of up to 5 m, including CNC equipment
  • turning-and-boring lathes with a chuck size of 1200 and 2500 mm
  • drilling equipment, including radial one with a drilling diameter of up to 50 mm
  • boring machines with a table size up to 1600×1600 and headstock lifting height up to 2000, as well as coordinate boring machines with a table size up to 1000 mm
  • milling and slotting machines, including bed-type milling machines with a table size of 1000×4000 mm

Grinding area

  • cylindrical grinding with a diameter of up to 400 mm and a length of up to 5 m
  • surface grinding with dimensions up to 1200 mm

Processing of gears (including conical and circular) with a diameter of up to 800 mm and a degree of accuracy of up to 8x.

Welding area

It has the most cutting-edge welding equipment and components from Kemppi, Lincoln Electric, and EMW. Work practices have the NAKS (National Attestation Committee on Welding Practice) certificate in the following groups:

  • vessels working under the pressure of 0.07 MPa
  • process pipelines and pipe joints
  • steam and hot water pipelines with a working steam pressure over 0.07 MPa and water temperature over 115 °C and steel metal pipe, steam boilers with steam pressure over 0.07 MPa and hot water boilers with water temperature over 115 °C
  • structural steel

We perform welding of carbon, alloy and stainless steels, aluminum and titanium.

OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) employs highly qualified welders with NAKS group I, II, and III certificates.

Heat-treating area

Heat-treating works: quenching and tempering, aging treatment, cementation, cyanidation, nitriding, hot-dip galvanizing up to 120 MK.

Bench work and assembly area

  • fault detection of products
  • assembly of products and units
  • reconstruction work

Rotors repair area

  • stand for vertical disassembly of rotors
  • heavy machines for rotor journals grooving, beltlines
  • units for rotor bowing equalization
  • rotors balancing

Finished products storage area

There are stocks of in-demand spare parts and products units.