Service maintenance of power and technological equipment

We suggest using the “Old” (Soviet) service system for safe and most efficient operation of the equipment.

Service contract is one of our products which is valid from 3 until 5 years with the designation of limits parameters and indicators which we are legally and financially responsible for. In such a case, the Customer lets us take the responsibility for all issues related to operation and generation of electricity and heat.

Our company forms a permanent staff on the Customer’s territory (site, separate subdivision). The staff is permanently on site and carries out all the necessary work.

We plan, purchase and implement all the necessary projects jointly with the Customer and we take the responsibility for it.

Maintenance service is the most efficient system of maintaining equipment in optimal condition since the exploitation and repair are carried out by highly qualified employees. It is often difficult for the Customer who does not specialize in such types of service to provide them themselves.

The subject of maintenance service is always a complex and effective system of cooperation between professionals, and we are ready for such work.

We invite all interested parties.