Design of industrial and power facilities

Engineering is an important and time-consuming process that determines technical characteristics, cost, further reliability and uninterrupted operation of the future power facility.

Types of work:

  • Pre-project inspection
  • Energy audit
  • Integrated design of energy facilities
  • Development of technological, electrical, heat-engineering solutions documentation, as well as industrial safety of energy facilities
  • Field supervision during construction of objects

Technical support while undergoing examinations

Design work is carried out both as part of complex deliveries of power equipment and construction of power facilities, and in the form of individual products offered to Customers.

Design objects:

  • Power plants
  • Boiler-house
  • Heat networks and heat points
  • Distribution network
  • Switchgears with the voltage of 6.3-10.5 kV
  • Automation systems for technological processes

If you decide to design such an object, please fill out the following questionnaires:

Design of a gas-reciprocating power plant (cogeneration plant) questionnaire

Development of the design documentation for electric power plants and CHPPs questionnaire 

Desuperheating and pressure reducing system (pressure-reducing station, fast-response pressure-reducing and desuperheating station, desuperheating station) questionnaire

Heat exchanger selection questionnaire

Formulation of price proposal for boiler-house construction (or reconstruction) questionnaire

Supply of a steam turbine questionnaire

Boiler and steam generator questionnaire