OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) carries out

  • design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance service of power stations;
  • installation and commissioning of technological, power and electrical equipment units, boiler and auxiliary equipment and control systems to them;
  • major and current repairs of technological and power units equipment of any complexity of domestic and foreign manufacturers;
  • modernization and replacement of power plants and technological facilities equipment;
  • maintenance service of power and manufacturing equipment, also under long-term contracts;
  • inspection and diagnostics of the dynamic equipment condition, namely: turbines, generators, compressors, pumps, synchronous turbomotors (STD), ASD electric motors and their components: rotors, stators, bearings after their long-term operation or long-term storage;
  • inspection and repair of power and manufacturing equipment and its components at the site of our own production;
  • balancing, vibration diagnostics, and adjustment of steam turbine regulation;
  • design of industrial and energy facilities;
  • construction works of any complexity (foundations for turbo generators and equipment, finishing works, floor pouring);
  • design, construction, reconstruction and maintenance of highways;
  • installation and repair of transformers, air and oil switches, power grids;
  • installation of process pipelines of all pressures;
  • installation of industrial metal structures;
  • installation of fire safety systems;
  • installation of engineering systems (ventilation equipment, air conditioning).