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OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) specializes in the repair of generators.

The typical scope of the generator overhaul includes disassembly and assembly of a generator with or without recess of a rotor/rotor roll out; inspection, cleaning and checking of all available parts and components (including the exciter with its complete disassembly); disassembly and repair of the equipment of the machine terminals and cells, oil systems, gas and water cooling systems of the generator and windings; testing and measurement; elimination of all identified defects. Usually the rings of a rotor and a collector of an exciter are grooved.

If necessary, during the overhaul period, special works are performed: replacement of defective stator winding rods, elimination of loop closures in a rotor winding, replacement of rotor rings and rotor bandages, reconstruction of rotor shaft seals, etc.

Major and current repairs of generators should be combined with major and current repairs of turbines. Major repairs of turbo generators up to 100 MW inclusive should be carried out once every 3-5 years; turbo generators over 100 MW — once every 3-4 years; synchronous compensators — not more often than once every 4-5 years; hydro generators — once every 4-6 years.

The scope of current repairs is determined based on the generator condition. As a rule, during current repairs, cleaning of brush devices on a rotor and exciter rings, replacement of worn-out brushes, inspection and cleaning of parts and parts available without opening, equipment of the excitation system, field-discharge switch, high-voltage equipment are performed. If necessary, they clean gas coolers, heat exchangers, filters, ports and cooling system equipment, open and repair of rotor shaft oil seals, eliminate hydrogen leaks, inspect and clean the front parts of the winding and stator terminals.

Major repair of a generator is typically performed as necessary, usually at least once a year.

We also carry out professional repairs of asynchronous electric drives.

Like any equipment, the engine may fail over time. When an electric drive based on an asynchronous electric drive fails to function, it can cause significant losses. Therefore, many people are forced to choose between buying a new machine or repairing an existing one.

If the decision is made in favor of repair, it means that we are on the same way with the customer. We repair all types of asynchronous electric drives. We have an extensive amount of machines and equipment, and our staff have gained specially training to perform a complex of works to restore the operability of asynchronous electric drives.

We do not stand still and regularly expand item groups of repaired equipment of both Russian and foreign production.

OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) is currently successfully performing repairs of the following equipment:

  • synchronous generators for air and hydrogen cooling;
  • 4-10 kV AC electric motors;
  • general and special purpose DC electric motors;
  • rewinding of 0.4 kV electric motors;
  • replacement of 6-10 kV electric motor stator windings;
  • replacement of turbo generator stator windings;
  • conversion of the winding from compounded to thermosetting insulation;
  • “turn-key ready” electrical installation works of any complexity with commissioning

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