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Our company has been doing the repair of steam turbines for a long time. Turbines are the most important components of thermal power plants. They are responsible for the conversion of combustion energy into mechanical energy. Turbines spin generators, resulting in electricity and heat. These powerful steam engines have a complex design, operate at high pressures and temperatures, and are subject to heavy mechanical loads.

In accordance with the rules of thermal power plants operation, they need periodic maintenance. Some types of turbines are undergoing modernization during the repair process – experts improve the design, change obsolete components, increase the power and reliability of equipment.

Carrying out any type of work by specialists of OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) begins with test operations of turbines. Technical condition is inspected and evaluated, operating parameters are measured, the operation of all systems is monitored, and a list of components that need repair or replacement is compiled. As a rule, this happens in the first third of the repair, then maintenance measures are performed. At the end of the repair work, we perform commissioning, including balancing and characterization.

OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) undertakes all types of repairs – current, restoration, major. We dismantle turbines, determine the malfunction of components, clean cylinders, restore the operation of control valves, and balance the turbine shaft.

Our company performs inspection of working power and technological equipment.

  • vibration diagnostics,
  • setting up the automatic control system of turbines,
  • steam distribution inspection,
  • inspection of the support and suspension system of turbine units.

Based on the results of the survey, recommendations are issued to eliminate shortcomings in order to improve the reliability and efficiency of power equipment.

We carry out repair and restoration work in accordance with the recommendations provided.

Modernization of turbines

Power plant equipment tends to become outdated. Modernization of equipment allows you to:

  • eliminate the existing turbine models shortcomings identified during operation;
  • increase the capacity of steam turbines and the amount of electricity generated;
  • increase the reliability of equipment;
  • reduce losses and increase equipment efficiency;
  • increase the resource of high-temperature nodes;
  • improve protective systems

Installation of turbines after modernization

During new construction, replacement or modernization of generating capacities, it is required to install equipment. Our company has extensive experience in carrying out installation works of any complexity with the replacement of both individual components and a complete set of equipment: turbines, generators, auxiliary and boiler equipment.

We approach such work with full responsibility, since the trouble-free operation of the equipment depends on the quality of installation for the entire future period of its use.

If you need to carry out this type of work or upgrade turbines, please contact us.

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