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Repair of boilers and auxiliary equipment of CHPP

We repair:

  • steam boilers, including: PK-14-2; PK-14r; Foster-Wheeler; TKZ-220; TP-30; BM-35; GM-50; 35; BKZ-75-39; DKVR-4; 6,5; 10; 10-13; DE-10; 16; 25; TSKTI -75; MZK – 4; 8; KE-10-14; KE-25-14
  • hot water boilers, including: PTVM-30; 50; 100; TVGM-30; KVGM-20; 30; 100
  • protective screens;
  • waste-heat boilers, including: OKG-160U; OKG-250; KUV-20, KUV-30; KU– 125; 100; 80; 60; 50; 40;30;
  • boiler gas cleaning equipment;
  • steam and hot water pipelines working under pressure;
  • equipment of gas facilities (gas-raising stations, interfactory, inter-shop gas pipelines for blast-furnace, coke, natural gas and their mixtures), gas-cleaning, gas-dust collecting systems and installations.


We make:

  • current, mid-life, capital repairs of boiler inspection objects including: steam and hot water boilers, steam and hot water pipelines with water temperature over 115 °C, auxiliary equipment;
  • production of designed equipment;
  • production of specialized repairs with production and replacement of spare parts for boiler equipment, including:

1 Pipe and connecting elements of boiler units:

  • screen pipes of steam and hot water boilers;
  • headers of heating surfaces;
  • water economizer coils,
  • superheater coils;

2 Pipelines and pipeline parts:

  • parts and components of the support and suspension system of pipelines
  • bent and welded branches;
  • disk expansion joints;

3 Industrial safety expert review, including:

  • steam and hot water boilers;
  • vessels operating under pressure above 0.07 MPa;
  • steam and hot water pipelines with an operating steam pressure of more than 0.07 MPa and a water temperature of more than 115 °C