Spare parts for compressors

A distinctive feature of the OOO “Turboenergoremont” (Turboenergoremont, LLC) work since its foundation is a special approach to maintenance service of the supplied equipment, as well as the equipment from third-party suppliers. The company looks forward to long-term cooperation with all its customers. Therefore, the company’s service department doesn’t only deal with pre-sale preparation and commissioning, but also maintains and repairs equipment throughout its entire lifetime.

The service department performs equipment repair, in particular compressor repairs using the customer’s own spare parts and our own ones. There are mobile crews for maintenance and repair of equipment on the site of its operation. The service department signs long-term contracts for equipment maintenance.

We supply and repair spare parts for:

  • axial compressor;
  • screw compressor;
  • piston-type compressor;

We spare our customers tedious procedures of approvals and correspondence with a manufacturer! Service repair of compressors, repair of compressors and all types of compressor equipment are our concern! At the same time, repair, installation and commissioning works are performed at a time convenient for the customer’s technology and within the agreed time frame.